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Bogert Aviation Inc

Forget bulky and expensive wing jacks for simple projects reach for Bogert's Hydraulic Tribal Jack!

Cessna 150, 172 & 180/182/185/188 as well as Piper PA-31-310/325/350, PA-28-161, PA-23-150/160/235/250, & PA-24B-260 Battery Boxes now available!

Bogert's Aviation's 15X Strut Pump is designed for high pressure output. It is a portable hand pump that pressurizes landing gear struts accumulators and propellors.

The PA-28R Arrow Bogi Bar can also be used on the PA-46, Malibu, Mirage and Saratoga.

Tribal Jack Battery Box Strut Pump Bogi Bar



Read about Bogert Aviation in Piper Owners for all your aircraft maintenance and avionics needs!

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