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Bungee Cord Tool

Bungee Cord Tool

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 15600

Comanche Owners—30 minutes to change bungees.

Technical Specs

  • For use only with PA24 and PA30 aircraft
  • Lower damage risk with the right tool.
  • Complete control of bungee shock cords coming off.
  • Complete control of bungee shock cords going on.
  • E-Z instructions with detailed drawings.
  • Safe landings depend on new cords every few years.
  • Made in the USA


    • Spreader Arm Assembly
    • Long Leverage Bar
    • Forked Bar

    In Use Pictures

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Solid Product!

        This item works exactly as advertised. I can't imagine how hard the job would be without this tool!

        Perfect tool for the tark

        It took 20 minutes to replace both cords. really nice tool.

        Luca - The first time I had to change the bungee cords on a Comanche, it took all day and I got hurt in the process. That's why I built the tool in the first place. The stretching tool got a major redesign about 13 years ago. Before that we used a bumper jack to stretch the cords when bumper jacks were pretty common.
        Good tool

        Work very good

        comanche bungee installation tool

        works great, saves time!

        Could be improved.

        The basic idea is great and the tool works. However the open square tube end to the bungee roller is a problem. I solved this by installing half of a bearing out of an old Cessna 310 gear project. Cut it to fit so that the bungee roller would not get cocked in the end and cause problems starting the screw in the wing. Also I smoothed the abrupt end edges of the bungee hold rods at the ends. to make it easier to get the bungee on and off the tool in the wing. Where space is a bit tight and you cant get 2 hands on the tool at the same time. If you need a picture just let me know. Its a good tool just not what I had expected in the way of quality of workman ship from you guys. As I have seen other tools you have made.

        Phillip, We make quite a few of those bungee cord tools. It's surprising because we have been making them for more than 20 years. That said, I would like to see some photos of your modification and of the areas that you feel were not finished well enough. I can then share that our our production meetings and make some changes.

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