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8.0" Extension for 6 Ton Bottle Jack

8.0" Extension for 6 Ton Bottle Jack

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 3900

8.0 inch Jack Extensions are sized to slip over the ram of a bottle jack or hydraulic cylinder and extend the ram 8.0 inches so the jack can sit firmly on the ground while the load is lifted. This extension can be stacked on top of another extension to extend the reach. Since the parts are all fit together, the jack is far safer and less likely to tip or otherwise fail.

The extension has a jack point cup machined into the top to mate with most aircraft jack points and they fit nicely on most 6 ton bottle jacks (typical 1.25" ram diameter). Adapters are available to fit them to 12 ton or 20 ton bottle jacks.


Technical Specs


  • Welded steel construction with machined jack point cup
  • 8.0 inches of extension
  • 10.0 inches overall length
  • Fit most 6 ton bottle jacks (1.25" ram diameter)
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The 8" was to long an extension for what I needed. I called customer service to swap for a smalle...

Your Customer service was the best. They made the swap go very smooth and efficient.

Arthur, On the bottom of our business cards was a line that says, 'No BS at BA'. I don't believe in BS and so the standard operating procedure is to treat the customer the way that we would want to be treated if we were the customer. Thank you for your comment.

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