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Adapter for 20 Ton Bottle Jacks

Adapter for 20 Ton Bottle Jacks

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 4700

Jack adapters for 20 ton bottle jacks slip over the ram of typical 20 ton bottle jacks having a ram diameter of 2.0" to 2.125" (51-54 MM) and then couples to the standard jack ram extensions. This is an easy way to extend the reach of 20 ton jacks without having to pile blocks and cribbing under the jack. The combination of adaptor and extensions is far safer than a jack and cribbing because all the parts are connected. Even if things shift, the jack and extensions remain securely together. For additional security, use special jack pads against the load.


  • 5 X Safer operation than using cribbing
  • Extends the reach of 20 ton jacks
  • 5 X Faster to set up than blocking
  • Makes your jack more useful


    • Solid steel construction
    • Machined to fit most 20 ton jacks with ram diameters of 2.0" to 2.125" (51MM-54MM) and standard jack extensions.
    • Can be used with special jack pads
    • Made in the USA


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