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Bogi Lift w/ Sling

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 13400

The tool every mechanic needs!

The Bogi Lift w/ sling is an easy to use, time saving tool that will make several maintenance jobs much easier. The Bogi Lift is a single tree hoist with two polyester straps that are rated for 2000 lbs each. The prop hoist will let a single mechanic lift the nose gear to service or replace the nose tire, nose strut or get better access to the lower engine. The propeller lift also can be used to support a 2 bladed or 3 bladed propeller during removal or installation making this a one man job. The Bogi Lift can also be used to add a 4th point of stability during gear retraction tests and annual inspections.

Benefits & Features

  • Lift nose wheel without jacking up whole plane.
  • Service nose wheel & strut effortlessly.
  • Support a new propeller during installation.
  • Use with 2 and 3 blade props.
  • 4-point stability with tail & wing jacks.
  • Made in the USA