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Complete Fuselage Rotator (With Wheels)

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 2,18800

Approved Models List

  • ALL Short wing Piper: 

    PA-15, PA-16, PA-17, PA-20, PA-22 Series.

    Piper J3, J4, J5, PA-12, PA-16 , P2 Cub, P3, P4, P5, PT-1, LBP, PA-6, PA-7

    PA-11, PA-12, PA-14, PA-18, 

    PA-25 Pawnee, PA-36 Brave, 

  • Taylorcraft:  CUB, Model A, model B, Model D, L-2, LTB, TG-6, 15, 16, F-19, 20, F-21, F-22

  • Aeronca: All Aeronca, Chief, Champ models

  • Bellanca Aircraft: All 7 and 8 Series aircraft 

  • Funk: All models

  • Ercoupe 415 models. 

  • Luscombe: Model 8 series, Model 11 Series.  

  • Works with Most Aircraft with Similar Configurations. 

Made in the USA

Click here to see a short movie of the restoration rotator in action

15M-FWD Product Instructions
14M-WR Product Instructions
15M-AFT Product Instructions

“Call us if you have questions on these items. These items are considered special orders."
Please allow three to four weeks lead time.

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