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Grommet Stretcher

Grommet Stretcher

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 3600

Stop cutting your grommets to get them over fittings and plugs, use Bogert Aviation's Grommet Stretcher. 


  • Using the Grommet Stretcher is 2-3x's faster when stretching grommets over fittings and plugs.
  • Improves safety because grommets are continuous
  • Adds professionalism to the job 


  • Stretch grommets over large plugs and fittings
  • Great for spark wires or Molex plugs
  • Effective for use in many aviation, automotive, industrial, and marine applications.


    Operating Instructions

    4 Simple Steps Saves time and frustration!

    1. Insert grommet over end of Grommet Stretching Tool
    2. Squeeze handle to spread the grommet
    3. Insert cable through grommet and release the squeeze on tool handle
    4. Remove the grommet from tool by sliding grommet off the ends.


    In Use Pictures

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