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HX Strut Pump

HX Strut Pump

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 49600

Boost air to 1000psi without an air compressor.

Similar in size and weight to a standard bicycle pump, Bogert's Aviation's HX Strut Pump is designed for high pressure output.  It is a portable hand pump that pressurizes landing gear struts.  The HX strut pump boost air or nitrogen to 1000psi.

Simply hook up the output hose to the strut and the inlet hose to an air compressor, spare tire, portable air tank or 12 volt tire inflator.

For real back country use it even works with a bicycle tire pump.

Tech Specs

  • Very portable. No air compressor needed!
  • Use air bottle, spare tire, tire pump for air source
  • Can also use with air compressor for air source
  • Detailed instructions
  • Equipped with 6 foot hose
  • Made in the USA


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