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PA-46 Main Gear Jack Kit

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 35200

Forget dragging out a full set of wing jacks to do routine maintenance.  The 30M-PA46 Jack Adapter is made for the Piper PA46 series aircraft including the Malibu, Meridian and Matrix. These aircraft are also known as the M350, M500 and M600. The adapter makes maintenance on wheels, brakes, tires and wheel bearings simple and fast without the need for wing jacks.  You can do the work just about anywhere. Use the jack adapter, axle pin and simple hydraulic bottle jack to raise one main gear at a time. The system is small and light enough to carry on board so you have the tools you need when traveling to places that may not have full services.

Use with Bogert Aviation’s Landing Gear Support Stand for safety to support the axle whenever the wheel is removed.

 Affectivity: Piper PA46 , Malibu, Meridian, Matrix, M350, M500, M600


  • Works for Main Gear tire, bearing and brake servicing. .
  • Saves time and money
  • Adds mission capability
  • This jack, adapter and pin can be used to pick up a flat tire to tire changing height.
  • Frees up full service and wing jacks for other work


  • Small, Portable and Light weight.
  • Jack Adapter can be used with 4-6 ton hydraulic bottle jacks with rams of 1.25” diameter or smaller.
  • Can be used with Bogert Aviation Tribal Jack for the main gear.
  • Hydraulic jack can be fitted to SAFE JACK Universal Base Plate for stability and floatation on soft surfaces. www.safejacks.com
  • Made in the USA

Kit Includes:

  • 1ea. Bottle Jack Adapter
  • 1ea. Baoshishan 3T Telescoping Bottle Jack
  • 1ea. 30M-PA46-P PA46 Main Gear Pin

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