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Tire Bead Breaker 2 (TBB2)

Tire Bead Breaker 2 (TBB2)

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 25300

Break tire beads safely, with little effort!

Originally built to work on dragster tires, this Tire Bead Breaker is capable of working on very small to very large tires. It’s extremely adjustable! The Tire Bead Breaker is used to break the bead or bond between the tire and wheel with little effort and without doing damage to the expensive cast wheels.

If you are a repair station, shop, school, or owner that wants to do your own maintenance then this tool is a must!


  • Saves time
  • Promotes safety
  • Protects wheels from damage
  • Protects tires from damage



  • Extremely adjustable for wide variety of tire sizes
  • Reduce risk of damaging expensive cast wheels
  • Fits small tail wheels
  • Fits large tires found on corporate cabin aircraft
  • Works on tube and tubeless tires
  • Can also be used on automotive, motorcycle, trailer, go kart, ATV, and specialized tires
  • Made in the USA


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