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Wire Marking Tool

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 4600

Bogert Aviation’s Wire Marking Tool takes the guess work out of wiring jobs. Add a colored stripe to insulated 24-8 gauge wire for quick identification using the non-conductive nylon tool and a permanent marker. Aircraft wire, Romex, Cat 5, coax and data transmission cable are cleanly and easily identified by using different colored standard Sharpie markers. No batteries or specialty supplies needed.

Technical Specs

  • Identify and Mark Electrical Wires
  • Uses any standard "Sharpie" marker
  • Fits 8-24 gauge wire
  • Works in any position
  • Great in tight spaces
  • Perfect for every mechanic and do it yourself'er
  • Markers sold separately in 4 ea and 12 ea pack.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA.


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