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30X Strut Pump

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 1,19400

Boost Air or Nitrogen to 3000 psi. 

The professional grade 30X Strut Pump is for use in the Hangar, Shop, Laboratory or
Industrial Plant. It was designed to provide High Pressure for many Aviation, Industrial and Military Applications. The 30X Pump can be used to pressurize Aircraft Landing Gear Struts, Propellers, Blow Down Systems, Hydraulic Accumulators, and other High Pressure Industrial Applications. The 30X Strut Pump is able to boost air or nitrogen to 3000 psi or 30 times the inlet pressure. It can be used to boost nitrogen when the pressure in the tank is too low to properly service the device.

Manufactured in the USA by Bogert Aviation Inc.


  • Incremental pressure increases reduce the chance of over pressurizing a system.
  • Better Control
  • Achieve high pressures without special expensive and inconvenient bottle servicing.
  • Portable
  • Safe to transport
  • Safer than high pressure air bottles.
  • Very fast to use.


    • Rugged, heavy wall steel construction for a lifetime of use.
    • Operates on compressed air or nitrogen ( Not for use with Oxygen)
    • Can be used to boost nitrogen using shop air
    • Simple slide valve operation.
    • Reliable
    • Durable powder coat finish


    • Rugged construction, heavy wall honed cylinders.
    • Two inlet ports for shop air and nitrogen. (NOT FOR USE WITH OXYGEN)
    • Inlet air and nitrogen pressures are limited to 150 PSI
    • Output pressure is up to 30 times the inlet pressure up to 3000 psi MAX
    • Weighs less than 19 pounds. Shipping weight of 23lbs (due to packaging).
    • Standard equipped with a 36” hose. A 7 ft. hose is optional.
    • Nitrogen port lets you use virtually all of bottled nitrogen saving you time and money.
    • Comparable to pumps priced in the thousands.

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