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TALON Oil Filter Tool (Up to 1500 in lbs)

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 4999





The TALON OIL FILTER TOOL has been reinvented and improved!! The 10M-TALON oil filter tool has undergone some changes through the years, improving as the demands of our customers became greater. The new TALON is our strongest and most compact yet. Just pop the NEW TALON on a 3/8 drive extension and ratchet and it gets the job done. 

The TALON Oil Filter Tool was created to remove stubbornly stuck oil filters.  Bogert Aviation wanted the tool to be safe in tight quarters and unable to slip, attempting to minimize damage to nearby components. This is still a messy process but this tool is your best chance of removing stuck filters without damaging anything else. Don't cuss -- call us!!!

Comes with #10(0.194) and 6MM(0.236) screws.


  • Three pin (TALON) engagement in oil filter plate for stability and strength
  • Good for up to 1500 in. lbs. of torque
  • Works in tight spaces!
  • Works on Aircraft, Automotive, Marine and Recreational Vehicle applications
  • Made in the USA.


  • This is a lot less frustrating than trying to remove a stuck filter by any other method
  • Saves time so you can do other things
  • Saves money


  • Open the filter can and remove the filter element. If necessary, cut or tear open the filter can where ever it is accessible, gaining access to the filter element.
  • Use the new filter as a guide. Set the pin positions on the 10M-TALON Oil Filter Tool to fit into the oil holes in the oil filter plate.
  • Insert the Oil Filter Tool into the stuck filter can using a 3/8" ratchet extension and ratchet wrench. Engage the oil holes in the filter plate with the pins of the oil filter tool.
  • Turn counter clockwise to loosen the filter.


  • Adjustable down to 1.10" in three prong mode for smaller oil filters
  • Adjustable down to .95" in two prong mode for smaller oil filters
  • Adjustable up to 3.14" for larger oil filters


Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Success when all else failed!

After trying everything I could think of to remove a filter a dealer tech must have used an air hammer on a friend told me about this tool. As the next step was to have the car towed to my local shop I was in nothing-to-lose land so I ordered it. WOW did this thing do the job, I was in shock when that filter finally broke loose! If you do a lot of oil changes have one of these in your toolbox, sooner or later you'll need it. Thanks for a great tool!

Life saver !!!

This this does exactly what it says it does!!! Got me out of a pickle real quick and easy!! You guys nailed it !!

Talon tool

I tried everything and anything to get the oil filter off my 70 Chevelle, this tool had it off in 5 minutes.

Definitely worth the money

After spending 8+ hours trying to remove a filter on a Silverado truck ( thanks to the genius at the quick line place ) I removed the filter within 15 minutes of receiving this tool... thank you guys at Bogert Aviation

Thanks for the report. It's not the tool you want to use but it gets the job done on stuck and destroyed filters.
Committed to their customers!

I purchased one of the Talon tools a few weeks ago to remove an impossibly stuck filter...it was so bad that I had to pull the engine to get access to damaged filter. The Talon is tough and did its job as demonstrated, even though the center lug distorted slightly during the disassembly operation.... it took a lickin’ but did it’s job in the end!

I notified the company to report the issue and asked if they wanted me to return it for evaluation. They request pictures to be sent for review. To the companies credit and their excellent customer service, they sent a replacement unit (free of charge), the “Same Day” with a message from the company’s president.

This is exactly what made America great .... a great company with innovative products, great customer service personnel, and the company’s leadership that takes a personal interest in their customer’s satisfaction with their products. Great Job guys and gals... happy customer, thanks!!

Gary, Our motto is: 'Treat the customer the way you would like to be treated if you were the customer.' To be honest, we screw up sometimes but we do our best to make it right. Regards, Richard Bogert , President The Bogert Group

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