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Battery Box Flanges FAA/PMA

Battery Box Flanges FAA/PMA

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 4200

These are exactly the same flanges used in Bogert Aviation's Battery Box Modification, part number 1-1-4a under STC SA4008NM.  There are a couple of scenarios when this is the right item to purchase instead of the full modification.

  • When working on experimental aircraft
  • Simply replacing Bogert's Metal Flanges (pre 2004)
  • Made in the USA

This package does not include STC Paperwork, rivets, a heal plate or cables.  If you have a Piper Aircraft and are ready to modify your battery box for the first (and last) time, see the complete Battery Box Mod and pair it with the positive and negative cables, or the entire cable kit.

As always, call us if you're in doubt about what you really need.

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