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Bungee Cord Tool Upgrade - Bungee Stretcher Arm

Bungee Cord Tool Upgrade - Bungee Stretcher Arm

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 8900

Bungee Cord Tool Upgrade is available for long-time customers using the Original Bungee Cord Tool.  While many mechanics are still using the Original, it required a bumper jack to stretch the cord.  Bumper Jacks are getting more difficult to find and still not 100% predictable.

Bogert's Upgrade Package requires a common table vise to stretch the cord.  The package includes the Spreader Arm Assembly and the Long Leverage Bar.  You'll still need the Forked Bar from your Original Bungee Cord Tool - so, don't give it away.  This is easier, safer and won't require remembering how much fun bumper jacks are.

"A BIG improvement for someone who already has one of our Bungee Tools!" Richard W. Bogert

Made in the USA


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