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Deluxe Strut Service Tool

Deluxe Strut Service Tool

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 22000

The Deluxe Strut Service Tool is easier to use than the standard Strut Service Tool. Typically, the aircraft is placed on jacks. The SUPPLY TANK of the SST2 is partially filled with fluid. As the SST2 is attached to the strut, the pressure in the strut and any foam is released into the RETURN TANK.. The strut is compressed and extended several times until the discharge is all fluid. With the strut compressed, remove the SST2 and service with high pressure air or nitrogen.

Product Instructions


  • Safer for the mechanic because pressure discharge is contained and hydraulic fluid is not atomized and inhaled
  • Easier to use because unit can sit on the floor leaving your hands free
  • Dirty fluid is not mixed with clean fluid
  • Saves time and mess because there is little or no clean up
  • The strut valve is not disturbed
  • The valve core is not removed


  • 2 Large fluid reservoirs
  • Clean and Dirty fluids are segregated
  • Pressure is released into the bottle so no splatter
  • Simple and effective

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