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PA 28/32 Replacement Battery Box STC# SA01582SE

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Bogert Aviation

  • $ 99900

Many battery boxes in Piper and Cessna aircraft are 30, 40 or 50 years old and battery acid, vibration as well as time have taken their toll. Acid leaking into the belly of your airplane can severely damage the structure where you can't see it, between the laps of aluminum and the rivets.

Be proactive and protect your investment by installing a new "stainless steel" battery box from Bogert Aviation Inc.


  • STC/PMA FAA approved for most Piper Aircraft
  • Protects your investment
  • Replaceable vent fittings
  • Eliminates acid leaks in the aircraft
  • Improves starting performance
  • Eliminates extra connection on outside of the battery box
  • Positive battery box venting


    • Direct bolt on replacement for Piper metal and plastic battery boxes
    • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction
    • Brass screw-in vent tubes
    • Many models approved, others pending approval
    • Made in the USA





    Box P/N: 63888-00BA

    Lid P/N: 63977-00BA

    Model Serial Number Range
    PA-28 140 ALL SN
    PA-28 B-140 ALL SN
    PA-28 C-140 ALL SN
    PA-28 D-140 ALL SN
    PA-28 E-140 ALL SN
    PA-28 150 ALL SN
    PA-28 B-150 ALL SN
    PA-28 C-150 ALL SN
    PA-28 151 ALL SN
    PA-28 160 ALL SN
    PA-28 B-160 ALL SN
    PA-28 C-160 ALL SN
    PA-28S-160 ALL SN
    PA-28 161 SN 28‐7716001 through SN 28‐8216236
    PA-28 180B ALL SN
    PA-28 180C ALL SN
    PA-28 180D ALL SN
    PA-28 180E ALL SN
    PA-28 180F ALL SN
    PA-28 180G ALL SN
    PA-28 180 ALL SN
    PA-28 R-180 ALL SN
    PA-28 S-180 ALL SN
    PA-28 181 ALL SN
    PA-28 R-200 ALL SN
    PA-28 R-201 ALL SN
    PA-28 201T ALL SN
    PA-28 RT-201 T ALL SN
    PA-28 235 ALL SN
    PA-28 B-235 ALL SN
    PA-28 C-235 ALL SN
    PA-28 D-235 ALL SN
    PA-28 E-235 ALL SN
    PA-28 F-235 ALL SN
    PA-28 236 ALL SN
    PA-32 301T ALL SN
    PA-28 R201T ALL SN

    Bogert Aviation has been providing high quality aircraft tools and aircraft accessories for over 30 years. Starting with copper cable kits and aircraft battery boxes our line of aircraft products quickly expanded to include aircraft tow bars, aircraft jacks and many other aircraft servicing tools. Whether you're servicing your struts, breaking a tire bead or replacing your aircraft battery cables with a new copper cable kit; Bogert Aviation always has you covered. Bogert Aviation products are made of the highest quality materials and always made in America.

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