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Pressurized Strut Filler

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 1,05600

Also add 2" Valve Extender? ($20)

This is a real game changer! This tool changes the way landing gear struts are serviced. This small unit is powerful enough to service virtually all General Aviation aircraft. No longer do you have to put an aircraft up on jacks to add fluid to Oleo type landing gear. This is an efficient, totally clean and much safer process. The strut valve is not disturbed and the plane is sitting on the ground the whole time.


  • Much Safer for the plane and the technician! The Plane never leaves the ground and the technician does not have to be under the aircraft while the strut is being serviced. The mechanic does not need to manually extend and compress the strut.
  • Faster! No Jacks! The airplane is not jacked up with this system. One person can service a strut in minutes. Just imagine how much time you can save.
  • Cleaner! Mess free! Virtually no clean up.
  • Greater Flexibility- Service struts anywhere even on a windy ramp because you don’t have to put the plane in the hanger out of the wind and prop blasts.


    • Simple to operate.
    • Handy, compact easy to use
    • 3000 psi pump can service virtually any airplane.
    • Large 5 quart supply and waste fluid tanks.
    • Sturdy steel frame.
    • Long hose assembly.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Danny Brown (Skidmore, US)

      While I haven’t had a chance to use the pressurized strut filler or the nitrogen pump yet, I am very pleased with the equipment that was shipped. Packaging was very good and everything arrived in proper condition. I am excited to have this equipment in my hangar ready to use when I get the opportunity to service my piper turbo arrow III

      Byeong Gwon HWANG (Seoul, KR)

      Pressurized Strut Filler

      Customer (Jackson, US)
      Great invention!

      I purchased this pressurized strut filler from Aircraft Spruce. My mechanic and I has service all three landing gear strut of my 1995 Commander 114tc. The process was simple, clean, safe and measurable. The old fluid was dark red vs. new bright red color. Measurable because you can count the number of pump of hydraulic fluid added per strut before N2 was added. I highly recommend this tool to any retractable gear aircraft owner. To me it’s worth the money and would pay for it self if you service your strut on biennial basis. I am not a mechanic, hydraulic fluid has service life just like your engine oil. I notice a gallon can of 5606 fluid has expiration date. It is exposed to humidity and condensation, I believe in prevention. My next tool will be strut pump. Bogert should give discount to owner of pressurized strut filler. That would encourage more sales.

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