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Ring for Universal Towbar

Ring for Universal Towbar

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 000

Ring for Universal Towbar

This product is meant to be purchased as part of a bundle.  If you purchase this without an 04M-BBU you will receive nothing.

Customer Reviews

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Lindsay Hale (Huachuca City, US)
Big Bogi Bar for my Landis nose fork

Fits perfectly with no slop for a secure movement.
Extending bar makes it easy for manual or tug ops.
Removable lugs provide the option to have the perfect fit for all light aircraft.
Happy user

John Marchezak (Fredericktown, US)
Universal tow bar

I find this tow bar to be heavy and cumbersome. To attach it to my Cessna 182 I have to get under the nose of the airplane between two of the three props and hold it up with one hand while holding the pin on the tube in one direction and push the opposite tube in the other direction. Takes too much jiggling and fumbling. I built and installed an aluminum fold-down stand on the hitch end so at least I only have to support one end. I am working on a lead bar crank system so I only have to hold one side and can crank the other side in and not feel like I'm pushing in opposite directions. After attached it works well with the tractor I use as a tug

Jeffrey Brauer (Portland, US)
Nice piece! Great customer service!!

Very nice, high quality item with great customer service! Thanks!!

Benjamin Sheldon (Ogden, US)

Ring for Universal Towbar

Steve Matus (Lebanon, US)

works great