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Oil Quick Drain Probe 180 Degree

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 8000

Oil Quick Drain Probe: Straight leak proof

The new drain probe not only gives you an alternative to the high priced AVI probe but it includes some major improvements. The first big improvement is that the probe is leak proof. The AVI design could leak where it mates to the valve plunger making a mess. The new design incorporates an O-ring seal around the valve body preventing leaks. The O-ring also locks the probe to the valve body. The second big improvement is the addition of a larger drain tube to speed up the oil flow and prevent restrictions.

 09M-PRB180 Replaces following PNs

  • Piper PN 481-357
  • Beechcraft PN 107-B1
  • Auto Valve Inc. AVI-BJ-107B1 


  • Leak Free Design
  • Faster Oil Flow
  • Eliminate Clean Up


  • Nylon and Aluminum Construction
  • High Strength and rust proof
  • Replacable O-Ring Seal
  • 3/4" ID Hose Connection


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