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Tribal Jack

Tribal Jack

Bogert Aviation

  • $ 28800

Be more productive with the Bogert Aviation Tribal Jack. It’s easily 10X faster than wing jacks. Originally designed for the Piper Tribe of aircraft, Bogert’s Tribal Jack has proven itself to be a great multipurpose shop tool for many aircraft models having oleo strut landing gear. The Tribal Jack is very useful for annual inspections as well as changing a tire or packing wheel bearings. Fixing a flat is easy with the ‘new’ lower clearance lifting pad. It can be used on main gear, nose gear and the tail wheel.

Use the Tribal Jack with Landing Gear Support Stand (PN 17M-LGSS) for added safety. Please watch our video to see it in action. The Tribal Jack starts as low as 2" and can lift as high as 12 inches. Lift stroke is 4.5 inches. The jack has an extended base plate eliminating the risk of tipping the jack over.


Saves Time & Money

  • Lift the wheel in under a minute for servicing brakes, bearings and tire changes.
  • Perform some service and maintenance on the ramp instead of using time to pull the aircraft to the hanger for maintenance


    • Lower the risk by raising only one wheel a few inches off the ground rather than the whole aircraft.
    • For peace of mind, carry in the aircraft for cross country & back country operations.
    • Stable on the ramp and unimproved surfaces.



      • 2500 lb. rating – It’s suitable for most singles and light twins.
      • Multipurpose - Can be used on numerous models of aircraft with oleo struts or lift tail wheels for service.
      • Quick - Changing or servicing many nose wheel struts or tires is a snap.
      • Wide Range of Motion – The lift range is from 2 inches to 12 inches.
      • Compact – It’s less than 9 inches tall.
      • Lightweight – It’s less than 18 lbs.



      In Use Pictures


      If you have the older style Tribal jack pad (shown on left) you can order the new, lower starting height pad HERE.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Very nice equipment!!

      Very easy setting &powerful Jacking!!!

      Tribal Jack

      The Tribal Jack is well made, shipping packaging was up to the task of shipping without damage and the product is well engineered for the vertical landing gear asdescribed on the website. The landing gear of my Pitts S-2C is not vertical, so the strut interferes with the jack (wishful thinking on my part hoped that it wouldn't). The company has told me that a new jack is in development that is designed for my application and will be available in a couple of months.

      Tribal Jack

      I love the jack. I have spent many years jury rigging scissor jacks and others trying to jack an airplane with a flat tire or change a tire.


      Well built and sturdy.

      Time Saver

      This neat jack is a great time saver for me. No wing jacks and no tail weight.

      Harland, I designed the Tribal Jack to help in my shop. It saved me a lot of time and saved my customers money as well because I could quickly do simple jobs without setting up wing jacks.

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