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We Need To Be As Efficient as WE Can.

Posted by Richard Bogert on

I think it goes without saying that waste is bad. There are all types of waste but the waste of time is about the worst. If we have a pile of left over supplies, we might come up with another use for it later but time is forever gone and can not be gotten back. For those that make a living in a service business like aircraft maintenance, lost time is a real profit killer. That's why I designed and built the tools that I did. I needed a way to make my time count in a way that provided true value to the customer. A good example of an efficiency tool is the PRESSURIZED STRUT FILLER. The tool lets you fill struts with fluid and nitrogen without removing the Schrader valve or making any mess. No jacks are needed and you can service the struts on the ramp, in the wind...makes no difference. This saves you time and gives you a lot of flexibility in how and where you service struts.


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