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A Better Way to Do Things

Posted by Richard Bogert on


When I worked as an aircraft mechanic, there were some jobs I just hated to do. Often working by myself, after everyone else had gone home, I had to figure out easier ways to do things. I would often refer to that as being “Aggressively Lazy.”

The 16M-PSF, or Pressurized Strut Filler is a great example of one of those ideas that changes the way maintenance is performed. It does several things. First it makes servicing struts much safer for the service personnel and the airplane. We all have to be concerned with employee safety and liability these days. Secondly, it is much faster. You don’t have to put the plane on jacks or have the plane in the hanger. You can do the work on the ramp in a howling windstorm if need be.

It is simple, safe and fast. It’s a no brainer!

Check out the video. https://youtu.be/Yy67w1B_KzY?si=2V-QJBlWYM26jDuC


  • Much Safer for the plane and the technician! The Plane never leaves the ground and the technician does not have to be under the aircraft while the strut is being serviced. The mechanic does not need to manually extend and compress the strut.
  • Faster! No Jacks! The airplane is not jacked up with this system. One person can service a strut in minutes. Just imagine how much time you can save.
  • Cleaner! Mess free! Virtually no clean up.
  • Greater Flexibility- Service struts anywhere even on a windy ramp because you don’t have to put the plane in the hanger out of the wind and prop blasts.


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