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New Magneto P-Lead terminal kits for Bendix Magnetos

Posted by Richard Bogert on

New Magneto Terminal Kits

It took more than a year but Bogert Aviation just received PMA approval for 5 different magneto terminal kits. These terminal kits are used to make or repair P-Leads. These kits are the equivalent to the kits made by Bendix and Teledyne but not as expensive.

P-Leads are the wires that run from the magneto switch to the magneto and they turn the magneto on or off. It is important that they work correctly. Sadly, many p-leads have never been changed. They have been neglected, repaired, spliced and patched because they are difficult to make. If you are not practiced at it, it’s easy to muck it up.

We will be using the new FAA/PMA approved terminal kits in the fabrication of new, made to order P-Leads.

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